Hayes, Middlesex, I have seen a big decline in the area

Living in Hayes, London
Living in Hayes, London

I have lived in Hayes for fifteen years now and in that time I have seen a big decline in the area. Hillingdon council seem to have little interest in the the cleanliness and I have rarely seen a roadsweeper, and **** a big problem. As Hayes is very multi cultural there are a lot of clashes from people of different cultural groups and I often feel intimidated by the people that attend the Muslim Center on a Friday.

As far as education goes, its a no go, the schools are terrible and both of my sons have done a lot better since they left. If you are thinking about sending your child to a school in Hayes avoid Harlington Community School at all costs.

Hillingdon is very good for shopping but try to stay away from Hayes High Street as there are a lot of gangs, drunks and ***** that like to loiter around the cash points, there are also a few tramps that sit outside Argos and Wilkinsons although it is know that these people do in fact have a home and are just begging for drug and alcohol money. The drug problem in Hayes is very bad and the police seem to do little about it especially around North Hyde Road.

How grim is your Postcode?

On the whole Hayes is a very dull and depressing area, there are no nice parks ( none without **** gangs ******* around anyway) there is nowhere to go if you feel like a walk, no places of interest, history etc. I intend moving out next year and I will never look back, stay well clear of Hayes and never consider moving there.

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