Slough: The Toilet of Berkshire

Living in Slough, Berkshire

I have now lived in Slough or “oh Dear, Slough” as people comment when I tell them, since 1992. I have seen it slide from a town of some limited qualities to the toilet of Berkshire within the last 5 yrs.

Having had to move from Windsor because a Bike shed would set you back 100k back in 1992, the town had some good pubs, thriving live music scene, a decent sports centre and a shopping centre. Now we have shops that sell tat for a pound, loads of unhealthy eating establishments catering for “as much as you can eat” loosers, where quantity is better than quality.

The streets are full of empty takeaway packets and empty beers cans, left by knuckle scraping ner’do’wells who would not recognise a bin if you put a neon sign on it.
Going by the low IQ levels, they probably could not read or understand what bin meantw. They seem to think the spelling for stairs / lifts, alleys is TOILET to them anyhow.

How grim is your Postcode?

The heart of slough, a rejuvenation project has been ongoing now for 15 years and what have we got? a bloody big TESCO’S that no normal person likes, the nickname of of it being Terminal 6.

Before you say why do you stay? Well the reason is that housing prices are rising so fast now, that If I can bare it out, behind my searchlight, barbwire, alarmed door, I will be able to emigrate to a better place with no mortgage.