Well what can i say, they’ve taken over, the townies/chavsters now rule the once quiet little town of Uxbridge. They gather (in a similar, well exact actually, fashion to flys around a steaming pile of you know what) around several specific “wicked hang out joints” which include the ****** jewellery stores, the **** section of […]

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Feltham, Middlesex

Have you ever been to Feltham? If you haven’t then don’t even think about it. Feltham in my opinion is one of the worst chaviest places i have ever had the misfortune of visiting. It has all the usual landmarks of a chavtown, ALDI,LIDL,Feltham sports with only every variety of Reebok classics on display with […]

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Never mind bumfights, for chavfights come to the waterside gardens of sunny Brentford, home of Brentford FC and more burberry caps than are strictly necessary…. Brentford, Middlesex, is a riverside town well known for its Arts Centre, a football team, a number of pubs, a legendary Griffin, and being the former home of the writer […]

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uxbridge, middlesex

macdonalds, kfc, pavillion shoppin centre, even though no money to buy anything, but there is an indoor market in there selling all the latest fake brands…royals nightclub is a favourite especially on under 18 nights…where many a 13 year old **** gets inpregnated……outside the civic centre waiting for thier mums to sign up to yet […]

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