Living in Stanwell, Middlesex

Stanwell: The Town Directed By John Carpenter

Some towns are glaringly bad, often apologetically so. Towns whose insidious nature lures folk like the sirens of the sea. As kids, we called it Stanwell.

Living in Hayes, London

Hayes, Middlesex, I have seen a big decline in the area

Hayes is a very dull and depressing area, there are no nice parks, there is nowhere to go if you feel like a walk and no places of interest.

Living in Ashford, Middlesex

Ashford, once a village, became ruined due to the airport

Ashford has one item not wanted and that is a prison for women formerly a remand centre this facility attracts drug dealers no one wants those in their town.

Living in Ashford, Middlesex

How to fit in around Ashford or Stanwell

What happened to Ashford? It used to be this lovely little village where everyone knew each other. Nowadays it's filled with total muppets.

Hayes – Time to carpetbomb and start again