Living in Edmonton, North London
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Edmonton sits on the north point of Tottenham in London and it is inhabited by some of the most seedy and dangerous characters that you will ever come across. The area is a pool of towering council estates, rubbish, graffitti and crime.

The actual chav (burberry, trackies, hoopy earrings) count isn’t that high. This area is full of much more extreme versions of this known as the ‘rude boi’. a large proportion of the people in Edmonton will carry a knife or gun on them and will most probably use it on you when they mug you…or sometimes just for the hell of it.

Edmonton Green is the main area in the town and covered with gangs of youths in hoods ready to take your money and cause anti-social behaviour. and as for the Angel Edmonton….well God help you there. the only reson people go there is to commit a drive-by, have a gang war or push drugs

Just recently there was a murder opposite Edmonton police station. I’ll let that speak for itself.

Edmonton is the worst.  Walking home from school, it is terrible.  Little kids swearing, drinking, smoking.  Never ever bring your kids to be brought up in this area it is awful.

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