Worst places to live in Worcestershire

(382 crimes in Mar 2021)
Brickfields, Worcester
(348 crimes in Mar 2021)
Tolladine, Worcester
(311 crimes in Mar 2021)
Rainbow Hill, Worcester
(285 crimes in Mar 2021)
Rubery, Bromsgrove
(227 crimes in Mar 2021)
Blackpole, Worcester
(219 crimes in Mar 2021)
Kidderminster, Wyre Forest
(193 crimes in Mar 2021)
Greenhill, Wyre Forest, Kidderminster
(188 crimes in Mar 2021)
(167 crimes in Mar 2021)
Lakeside, Redditch
(156 crimes in Mar 2021)
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Top 10 worst places to live in England 2021

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