Living in Stourport-on-Severn

Stourport-On-Severn: a hell hole of charity shops & old people’s homes

If you want the south but 70 years ago, Stourport is the place for you!

Living in Hagley

Hagley, a not so quiet village

If somebody asked me to show them a middle class village, i would take them to Hagley. The little village is so middle class it hurts.

Living in Bewdley, Worcestershire

Bewdley, there is a selection of giant douchebags who live here

If you are not a gypsy/traveller, a pouting duck faced foundation slapped teenage girl or a raving booze hound - don't bother.

Bewdley, Worcestershire, Property Guide

Bewdley, Worcestershire

Living here, going away and then returning, you appreciate how isolated and backward it is, same faces, same pubs, same old stories.

Evesham – what a place!

Evesham – what a place!

Evesham are over run with chavs, alcoholics, drug dealers, users and thieves