Brickfields, Worcester
(693 crimes in Apr 2022)
Tolladine, Worcester
(682 crimes in Apr 2022)
Rainbow Hill, Worcester
(635 crimes in Apr 2022)
Greenhill, Wyre Forest, Kidderminster
(395 crimes in Apr 2022)
Blackpole, Worcester
(349 crimes in Apr 2022)
(347 crimes in Apr 2022)
Lakeside, Redditch
(340 crimes in Apr 2022)
Kidderminster, Wyre Forest
(308 crimes in Apr 2022)
Enfield, Redditch
(291 crimes in Apr 2022)
Lodge Park, Redditch
(278 crimes in Apr 2022)

Bewdley, Worcestershire

Bewdley, Worcestershire, Property Guide

Ahh Bewdley – a lovely riverside Tudor town on the outskirts of Worcester, home of the severn valley railway, teddy grays sweet shop and lovely wyre forest walks. Not. This place to the many visitors who go there is a quaint slice of tudor living, cute boutiques, nice looking buildings and the lovely river by […]

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Well dear readers, AT LAST a page i can blog my deepest despair  of *****! Malvern, Worcestershire The beautiful ancient hills are subdued by the masses of ***** descending upon our town, creating grey skies and murmours of inexplicable language that I have to suffer. Each time I leave my house clusters of these ***** are […]

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de-droitwich **** attack!

Lying between the **** ridled supreme worcester and bumhole bromsgrove lies a small over spill of **** **** citizens from the spa.(droitwich spa).With its fine array of scaggy council estates chawson and the westlands, droitwich is soon to take over worcester as king of the west mids **** zones.The westlands which  was named boycott by the council […]

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I come from the ****** little town they call bromsgrove. The town is full of either old people or *****(Harry Bestwick AKA H-Dog). There is no escaping the smelll of cidar and draw, the streets are slippy with mucus, and every setence is finished with either “safe” or “innit”. You can’t light a *** without […]

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