Worst places to live in Worcestershire

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  1. Living in Stourport-on-Severn

    Stourport-On-Severn: a hell hole of charity shops & old people’s homes

  2. Living in Hagley

    Hagley, a not so quiet village

  3. Living in Bewdley, Worcestershire

    Bewdley, there is a selection of giant douchebags who live here

  4. Bewdley, Worcestershire, Property Guide

    Bewdley, Worcestershire

  5. Living in Evesham, Worcestershire

    Evesham – most women wouldn’t think twice about nicking your husband!

  6. Living in Evesham

    Evesham, the ultimate underworld of ******

  7. Living in Evesham, Worcestershire

    Evesham, It’s the worst of the worst no doubt about it.

  8. Living in Redditch, Worcestershire

    Redditch – the overall feel of the town is grim

  9. Malvern


  10. de-droitwich **** attack!

    de-droitwich **** attack!

  11. Living in Hagley

    Hagley, The Essex of the Midlands

  12. Living in Kidderminster

    Kidderminster, I think all the country air is messing these people up