Hagley, The Essex of the Midlands

Hagley – The Essex of the Midlands

The main problem with ***** from Hagley is that they all have so much money and really should know better – what with them all having multi-millionaire parents, living in houses that are at the cheapest end of the scale £250,000. These ***** can afford to shop in the best shops and eat in the most fancy of restaurants but they choose Stourbridge/Merry Hill market for their clothes or Olivios/McDonalds for their nasty takeaway food after they’ve been to the legendary place that is the picture house.

Don’t get me wrong – I have spent many a good night at the picture house and many hagley residents are lovely people (my best friend actually lives there) the younger ones don’t seem to have as much class as their money would suggest.

These so-called ‘posh’ ***** can regularly be seen sitting outside the most expensive fish and chips shop in the country (it has been voted the best in the country though & these kids can afford it) or at the train station. Very few trains actually pass through hagley train station as these kids have cars (brand new corsas/saxos/clios no less) as soon as they turn 17 or their mummys and daddys will drive them round in their 4×4 – central trains have realised that trains are not the desired mode of transport for these priveliged children with a penchant for louis vuitton, burberry, von dutch (all real daaaaling).

It’s not just the kids that are a problem though – it is a regular sight to see a short fat man with gold jewellery and a dolled up glamorous blonde – Hagley is full of used car salesmen pretending that it is still appropriate for them to venture into stourbridge high street at night.

Some ***** I feel cannot help to behave as they do – but the Hagley massive have been brought up in splendour – wanting for nothing in life – but look how they have turned out.

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