de-droitwich **** attack!

Lying between the **** ridled supreme worcester and bumhole bromsgrove lies a small over spill of **** **** citizens from the spa.(droitwich spa).With its fine array of scaggy council estates chawson and the westlands, droitwich is soon to take over worcester as king of the west mids **** zones.
The westlands which  was named boycott by the council is rife with ***** trackie wearing bag-heads, pregnant 14 year olds and there 40 year old taxi driving boyfriends.
For night life droitwich has alot not to offer.The westlands has its own hole called the Foxand Goose, where the only lager available is called acorn lager and tastes like **** piss.The town centre is full of a mix of monors(droitwich *******) and *****. The Hop Pole is a ***** pub wet dream with its 1.50 on a thursday and sunday pints and its **** pool table where many a fight has taken place over. De-Droitwich in three words **** growing epidemic.  BELEEEVE.
Amazingly Droitwich is yet to get a mcdonalds! Trust droitwich is soon to be **** central for the uk.

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