Evesham – most women wouldn’t think twice about nicking your husband!

i have lived here in Evesham for most of my life and can remember a happy, vibrant , thriving market town stuffed with great high street shops and independent retailers. Now, here in 2015 it is a very different story!

We are over run with *****, alcoholics, drug dealers, users and thieves. It is in a terrible state. Everyone seems to be related to each other in some way, have all had intimate encounters with each other and most women wouldn’t think twice about nicking your husband! It really is a place to avoid!

You cannot look at somebody without having a mouth full of abuse shouted at you along with the invitation of a bareknuckle street fight. Anything that isn’t bolted or welded down will be nicked by the local ****** heavy drug users, who would rob from a church for their dirty little fix.

Leggings, tracksuits, trainers, caps and ugg boots are the on trend fashion here, with most people who sport this look, being morbidly obese. Oh and not forgetting the ever so attractive look of having your trousers tucked inside a pair of socks with a pair of counterfeit Nike Airs on.

Evesham is really an hilarious town to visit, Evesham folk are really one of a kind! Come on and visit, I guarantee you wont be disappointed!

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