Living in Kidderminster

Lets get this straight, Kidderminster is pure Chav.

Reading this site i think some people are mistaking “bad boys” and “rude girls” for chav whereas they are a totally different breed. You want Rude boys go to Birmingham but if you are a keen chav spotter then kidderminster or ‘Kiddy’ is the place for you.

The amount of two stripe tracksuit bottoms being worn by some dirty pram pushing mother of six is just too high to count, the market is filled with sh*te clothes that just seem to fly off the shelves, the mom and dad feeding twenty lil brats in the town fryer, not to mention the old ‘uns still smoking fags who look like they might drop at any minute, the social right in the middle of the town, poundland, rat girls caining the richmond superkings ‘extra long.’ the penny black (what a collection of sad ass losers, drinking starts 9am prompt).

I think all the country air is messing these people up.

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