Living in Evesham, Worcestershire
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in West Midlands, Worcestershire

This place is literally chav Central. It’s the worst of the worst no doubt about it.

As you enter what seems to be a delightful town with a church on your left and lidl on your right, everything then seems to go tits up. You soon approach a miserable narrow street jam packed with tiny dirty flats, smelly laundrettes, an overrated cinema called ‘The Regal’ which was a novelty at first but is now home to those hipster ‘blah blah vintage blah blah blogs blah blah organic’ types, what seems to be 100’s of cheap hair dressers or nail/beauty bars run by Chinese, 2 vile sex shops, a few 2 star hygiene rated take aways and oh not forgetting the polish shops!

Yes, Evesham unfortunately is a victim of the pols with more then half of the population probably being polish! But ‘Port Street’ is not only a common habitat for chavs but a new species! Polish chavs! But seriously they are much worst, they are much worse with there average stoned time being 11am at the latest. And teenagers aren’t really anywhere to been seen as mostly the chavs are 30-55 year old men with 18-35 year old girlfriends usually carrying there latest edition of a baby which they have blinged out with tatty diamontes and cheap polystyrene.

As you reach the end of the street you can turn left or right although turning left won’t get you very far as the main bridges has closed and they are building another which is causing chaos for everyone so turning right Is constantly chokka block as it’s the main way to reach the high street. Down the high street themist common shops are charity shops. These range from sue Ryder (which now just buys stuff in and sells is rather then collecting donations, allegedly), blue cross, Red Cross, wildlife foundation and oxfam, such fun. Although a shop, which rather brightens the town. is called ‘Bonk’ which is a brilliant skate/clothes shop (As in nice clothes eg.Dc, wired fish, rip curl, animal and old guys rule) and they raise money for the skate part to be refurbished. They also sponsor a few skaters. Kim who owns it is a delight and has an amazing spirit about her. She is kind to all customers and treats the kids wonderfully by giving them advice on which scooters are best ect. There is also the odd bakery like Gregg’s and not forgetting the 2 subways of which one is allegedly home to a lovely family of rats!

Other shops generally include Chinese and Indian takeaways, a few pizza places, news agents, weather spoons home to older chavs who get hammered and arrive as soon as it opens, a fee crappy bars, all the banks you could ever name, millions of hairdressers(don’t bother with them, iconic is the best) a couple of gambling shops and the oh so wonderful pound shops!

I swear there are more pound shops the there are people. There is pound land, pound stretcher, home bargains and many more in branded crappy ones which are family run. A new delight tithe tow which opened on Saturday is sports direct. Everyone was excited due to the recent success if the brilliant one in stratford but not it’s awful. I don’t why they don’t just call it Londsdale as that is all it basically sells. Great, so not there are going to be thousands of more chavs come to evesham to buy cheap Londsdale joggers and hoodies.i can’t even be bothered to say anymore as chavs physically make me sick so just take my advice and don’t have anything I do with the disgusting failure of a town.

To put you off more, the council here as awful and spent £200,000 on a designer to design the new bridge and the councils main priority was to build it the same as the old one. They could of payed me £100 and I could of designed them a bridge the same as the old one!

  • chaveandproud

    I live in Evesham and have done my whole life. And to be honest, I agree with what you’re saying. There are places that slightly rougher then other and port street just so happens to be one of them. But to say the whole town is “chave central” is a bit harsh.
    Evesham has amazing school and a fair shopping centre considering it’s side. it’s quiet and has good independent business that the town supports. Yes there are it’s fair share of charity shops, but i don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s slowly but surely growing and changing, and although there are a few polish and polish shops, and although there are some people that look fresh of Jermery Kyle, there are some real gems here and it’s only going to get better I think.
    So in short…f**k you.

  • kate

    Whoa now, check your biggot self. You hate chavs, poles, the vintage types, the blogger types, the council, the bridge, jd sports, sue ryder, the cinema and just about everything about the place. Maybe you should you try focusing on some positives. You never know, you might feel a little less angry and helpless. Of course, you could always move.
    Evesham has some beautiful architecture and an amazing, rich history. Yeah, it’s a shame it is run down in places and lacks diversity a of shops and facilities, but that is not the fault of the poles or the council’s choice of bridge design. It’s called economic downturn and it’s happened to countless towns and cities all across the UK. If you’d ever lived anywhere else, you might realise this. The high Street has died a death country wide. Rather than slagging everything off maybe you should take some positive actions. Start a clean up group, run for councillor, or maybe just try smiling at people instead of judging them.
    I recently moved here from Tottenham in London, so if you want to know about drug addicts, dirty streets and gun crime you should give it a whirl, although I doubt you’d last five minutes.
    Just a few thoughts.

  • Bah

    I think you are a very arrogant person. Also, you might want to learn how to spell!. I don’t like your comments about Polish people, or any one else for that matter. Yes, it’s sad that these towns are falling apart, and all the seady stuff is taking over, but it’s not necessarily people’s fault that they are poor, nor do they deserve to be called vermin because of it. I also don’t appreciate your comments about people who are into an organic lifestyle. All in all, it seems you don’t like anyone. You’re a very sad, judgmental person. I agree with condemning town planning and the type of shops and businesses that are encouraged, as well as crime and hostile acts in a community, but don’t criticize and condemn people just because they live there. Most, probably can’t afford to leave, and the cost of living in the UK is getting worse as housing prices are escalating to ridiculous proportions that most people can’t afford. Jobs are not easy come by either, and your government is taxing people to extreme. Your educational system is collapsing, and your police force is weak and ineffective. I was an immigrant in the UK, and I grew up in a housing estate and went to some of the worst schools in the area. I’ve travelled all over the world and now live in the USA, but have also lived in Hawaii and Switzerland. All places have problems with ignorance and poverty, and sadly, drugs are now pouring onto the market more than ever, and messing people up everywhere. The difference between the USA and the UK, is that in the US, the police has power. You don’t mess with them, or you are likely to get shot dead. In the UK, the police are not allowed to do anything without everyone getting upset about it.

  • Hadenuff

    Yes welcome to north and east Manchester now home to most of eastern europe, without consultation in these woefully neglected areas. We dont want Poles with alcohol problems either to be fair or Slovaks, Lithuanians or gypsies stealing Mercedes exhausts for their platinum and any other metals lying around. We are living with the dregs due to low cost housing and dodgy asian/other landlords out to make a quick buck with complete disregard to existing owner occupiers/tenants. As a country have simply become a UN refugee warehouse and it is not fair to the majority of decent non violent, non chav, respectable english white population who just want to live in peace. Al thanks Mr Blair, enjoy your resting place in hell!

  • Ih8xenophobia

    Mate I’m not being rude but maybe you should educate yourself a little bit on how to spell before you start insulting an entire country of people (Poland) in your little rant. I am half Polish and incredibly proud of it, and while I’m not in any way saying that every *Pole (you spelled that wrong as well) is a saint or a valuable addition to society, either here or in Poland, I’m damn sure people who are rude, ignorant and xenophobic like you definitely aren’t.