Nailsea, Bristol

AvonSouth West

You will only know Nailsea if you have lived in or near there. I have lived in the village next door to it for ten years. It is a hellhole. It is **********, grey and the people are just disgusting. All thats there is a new look, a SOMERFIELD and a superdrug and oh yes, a TESCO. Everyone is either old or on benefits. Single mums galore. Everytime I go home from University, the very atmosphere makes me sick.

The desperate ‘alternative’ wannabes with their skinny jeans, dyed hair and h&m jackets, to the other extreme of ‘hoodies’ who hang around the town centre in an attempt to look threatening; in their dark hoodies, horrible hair, their tracksuit bottoms and their desperate air ******* around them, and in the meantime shouting obscenities at old ladies,  and living in the large proportion of council houses. Oh and a skate park, which you should only go to in the day unless you have a death wish. If you grow up in Nailsea, you will never leave. Ever.

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