weston hellhole mare (Weston-Super-Mare)

Welcome to weston-super-mare where you can eat ****** fish and chips cooked in hydrogenated oil from last summer season, Where you can go for a drink and get attacked by the local **** that walk the streets looking for a 10 bag…. Have a walk on the beach but watch for the dog mess,broken bottles,condoms […]

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Weston-super-Mare, A Seaside ‘holiday town’ hellhole

Living in Weston-super-mare

Seaside ‘holiday town’ hellhole. Favourite hangouts include the seafront, the pier and the abundance of huge amusement arcades (especially the one at the end of the pier). My God! I knew that Weston was a town that had to be seen for its *********, and oh boy, was I scared! This is a place ruled […]

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