Kingswood, Bristol: Sounds like a great place to live, isn’t!

Living in Kingswood, Bristol

Most of the people who live in Kingswood fit into one of these four categories:

  1. a ****
  2. a mother with 4+ children which she has no control over
  3. some old bloke with type 2 diabetes, going to Parsons/Greggs every day
  4. someone who has tried to succeed in life, but has failed miserably

Kingswood is always full of *****, and is always good for observing, and/or interacting with them. they are usually accompanied with their chavvets. chavvets will usually be pregnant and/or fat. The best place for observation is outside Savers, or at the bus stop catching the 43/42 to Bristol. Assuming they have enough stolen change.

The buses is the only reason why Kingswood has any business. People will usually buy food when passing through, just to get to bath or some other neighbouring county. The buses are usually filled with screaming children, scabby 17 year olds, (attempting to be) hipsterish uni students, and old people who complain about how the bus is too full.

How grim is your Postcode?

In the main “shopping centre” (which is advertised as a place you might possibly want to go to), has many shops such as Wilko, Sainsbury’s, and many other sh*tty shops. For some reason, Holland and Barret thought is was a good idea to set up a shop in a place where everyone survives of a diet of sausage rolls, chicken nuggets and tomato ketchup. It shut down within 5 months of being open for business. It is also the main destination for ***** and scabs alike, join together to flight and rub their genitals against their cheap, 15 year old girls.

Sounds like a great place to live!