the downfall of my town – yate

****’s the retards have ******** everycorener of bristol now! you can’t even go for an old fashioned big mac with out hundreds of the fake burberry clad morons making the place look like a **** hole. they think they are above the law we need concentration camps for ***** have done with them they aint nothign special just a jumped up bunch of nobodys but when it’s in your face and on your doorstep something needs to be done! they have even started employing ***** this is how low england has sunk who would employ a **** to deliver things seriouselly they’ve probably stole most of the stock and sold it for **** or fake burberry from the markett god damn you ******* morons and your fake burberry.

***** are like decaying peices of cheese nobody wants them nobody loves them but the smells always there.

**** haters of yate

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