Living in the Wood Farm Estate, Oxford

Wood Farm Estate, Oxford: is Horrible – Don’t go There

The highlight (or more likely lowlight) is the infamous Foresters Tower.

Living in Blackbird Leys, Oxford

Blackbird Leys, Oxford is a Haven for the Underclass

I felt sick when walking around Blackbird Leys, Oxford. I would rather move to Uzbekistan than spend more than 10 minutes in this dump.

Living in Thame

Thame: the gene pool is rapidly stagnating

In the small world of Thame, the political & social concerns are equally as small; the Tescos development & the riveting annual duck race.

Living in Kiddington

Kiddington – It’s pretty much just fields

The entire village hosts not one shop, so if you plan on living here get used to buying a tonne of food and just holing up in your house.

Living in Thame, Oxfordshire

Thame 2016: Still an inbred sh*t town!

It really is a one-of-a-kind, incestual clusterf*ck. A queer crossroads between people who go to Oxford & people who go to Aylesbury College