Worst places to live in

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  1. Living in Abingdon, Oxfordshire

    Abingdon or more accurately, “ScAbingdon”

  2. Living in Didcot, Oxfordshire

    Didcot – a railway siding dressed up as a portal to real, actual hell

  3. Living in Blackbird Leys, Oxford

    Blackbird Leys, Oxford is a Haven for the Underclass

  4. Living in Oxford, you're either Town or Gown

    Oxford, where posh people impose segregation on everyone else

  5. Living in Oxford

    Oxford: the ugly truth revealed!

  6. Living in Abingdon, Oxfordshire

    Abingdon: Oxford’s aggressive, ugly little brother that may stab you

  7. Living in Witney, Oxfordshire

    Witney – a truly godforsaken Oxfordshire Sh*thole