Thame: the gene pool is rapidly stagnating

Living in Thame

Thame, our little wildcard, nestled at the foot of the Chilterns is slowly being overrun by chain stores, overtly gregarious Polish men in doner kebab vans enticing already faintly obese middle-aged men to their early deaths by mystery meats, and a cancerously prolific abundance of very mediocre Asian restaurants and takeaways that all taste the […]

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Thame: Still a hole!

Living in Thame, Oxfordshire

Thame is the pit stop for surrounding areas, the ugly inbetweener, the lonely third wheel, the commuter’s choice between Oxford, MK and London. It serves its purpose as a literal stepping stone — having often being mistaken as an island: knee-deep submerged in the cowshit tainted flood plains that encompass the place. In Thame, the […]

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Thame is quite posh town, but…

Living in Thame

Make no mistake, Thame is quite posh, however, it is also an “genetically shallow” **** town! The striking thing about Thame and its residents is that everyone seems to be related, everyone seems to have gone out with everyone and everyone has a village mentality to the extent that they fear venturing into small surrounding […]

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