Kiddington – It’s pretty much just fields

Living in Kiddington
Living in Kiddington

Kiddington – It’s pretty much just fields

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Kiddington is a tiny village in West Oxfordshire. Surrounded by fields, filled with animals. You might think this the perfect picturesque place to live. Well, let me tell you.

The entire village hosts not one single shop, so if you plan on living here get used to the idea of buying a tonne of food and just holing up in your house. Especially over the winter months where the wind is strong, the puddles deep and the nights cold and dark.

I might also warn you that there are no street lamps here either. So if you plan on coming home after five, at least in the winter, you’d be wise to bring a huge torch to prevent you from tripping over face first into a puddle as you quietly struggle to make your way to your house in the dark. Now you might be thinking, ‘that doesn’t seem so bad, I’ll just chill indoors and watch netflix’. Well my friend I wish you good luck with that, as you will find that fibre optic is completely unavailable in the area and the fastest Internet you can get runs at about 1.5 megabytes per second, with the national average reaching about 19 megabytes per second. As a youth living in the village I attend college. I cannot drive and so I must catch the bus. A bus that comes once an hour.. If you’re lucky.

Kiddington is not all doom and gloom though! If the sun is shining on a warm day. It can be a beautiful village with a woodland and field walk to go on which comes out past the hall and even has a church nearby. (Although I’m pretty sure that they don’t hold services ).

All in all it’s an okay place I guess despite its vices. Even though as a youth I feel extremely isolated. You can’t quite escape the feeling that it’s just a place for old people to settle down so that they don’t have to talk to anyone.

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