Living in Wantage, Oxfordshire
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Oxfordshire

So, the main interests in Wantage and Grove are the skatepark and just dossing around town, under the car parks, under the iron bridge, or sat by the bus stop in the middle of town using their wifi. there are certain groups of lads and they usually stay in their pack in never usually let anyone else enter their pack. If you’re on about the ones in grove you’ll usually always see them, either smoking a joint, running away from the police, smoking a fag, sat doing nothing at the skatepark or just dossing and causing loud noise wherever they go.

As for the girls it’s just as bad, or the chav girls I would say. as in the summer because there is nothing to do in this area they’d go down to the skatepark with the ‘pack of boys’ and doss with them. and from then on, they got their degree in speaking chav. phrases like ‘ennit’ ‘bruv’ ‘jokes fam’ ‘nah mate’ and having the attitude of a camels ballsack.

Hmmm and would say the ‘stoners’ the pack of lads and ladesses that get stoned every day or every weekend they’re free to all go and smoke a big zoot. these are usually in groups of 4+ upwards and can be scary to approach if by yourself. you’ll know if you’re coming up to them because they’ll all be sat/stood there in a group being loud and wild. they usually hang between the skatepark, the shops, the park, town or the wantage graveyard.

and of course, walking past the shops and there being numerous amount of lads stood there and as you walk past them asking you to either by you bakki or alcohol youngest as looking 12-13.

the streets known in this area for the lack of disgustedly minging scabby houses and people themselves would be ashdown (trashdown) which is at the top of grove near enough toward the rugby club. it’s a street full of council houses and some being 3 story, the outside of the houses are tacky unfurnished and absolutely minging I would say, they look unpleasant and I know I would not be proud to say that’s my house. all the house owners are rude loud and extremely dirty. most of them usually have quite a big or scary looking dog usually being a pitbull or pitbull cross or bull terror or something on the lines of that.

I can’t think of a worse road for Wantage as bad as Ashdown Close.

  • Gareth Colven

    Things have definitely improved since the 90’s if the chavs are only smoking weed these days!! Well done for pulling your socks up 🙂

  • bore off

    whoever wrote this has worse english than the chavs he or she so despises

  • Steve Tyrrell

    So you come here or Live here but don’t have the balls to put you’re name to it? Wantage is no Different to Abingdon, Didcot or any other Market Town in England.
    So A) get facts right and B) grow a pair and stick your name in your next trash filled article

  • none

    Checky twat not everyone is dirty and not everyone has a minging house, after 18 years in the army we are house proud and are not rude, but hey whoever this was posting it probably thinks this post was the best thing and achievement they have done in there sad life…..try fighting for you queen and country and get a life.