Oxford: the ugly truth revealed!

Living in Oxford

Ah, Oxford. Land of dreaming spires and colleges abound. Posh was born here. Intellectual, civilised, affluent. What they don’t tell you is the enormous disparity between areas. The gap between the rich and the poor is so huge the teeny tiny middle class just fall right in it. Actually, they are continuously forced out of the area as there is no housing whatsoever in any decent areas unless you are very wealthy.

That’s what you get in Oxford. Extremely rich, or *****. There are no normal people here. As it is a college town the university runs the show. If you don’t happen to be affiliated with it, then you are just sort of there, like a side show. Town and gown indeed. There is no longer a town.

All of the housing is overwhelmingly for students. All of the family homes have been converted into flats and neighbourhoods are slowly transformed into party areas for the young and *****. The prices are so inflated it’s a wonder anyone can survive here at all. You can’t, that’s why many are having to leave to nearby villages, or relocate to another part of Britain entirely.

How grim is your Postcode?

If you have children, do not come to Oxford. Unless you are rich of course, but frankly, we’ve had our fill of you and the ***** and students. It is the most child unfriendly place for those of us who are not wealthy. Every primary school, rather than being surrounded by family houses, is surrounded by flats full of students and parents are forced to have to drive their kids back and forth day and night, adding to the already horrendous traffic congestion that exists here. Traffic is so bad, it’s a joke. Let’s put it this way: If you take a bus to Reading, it takes about and hour. If you try to get from one side of Oxford to another, you’re lucky if it takes less than an hour. Endless streams of cars are driving down every single road day and night.

If you go out on the town at night, you are likely to find it overrun with belligerent youths who are picking fights, screaming and swearing, breaking things and all manner of mischief well into the morning, as tourists and townsfolk timidly walk around them trying to ignore it and get on with their business.
Other neighbourhoods have ***** and assaults and shock! Yes, even murders to contend with.

You can kiss sleep permanently goodbye. You will never sleep in Oxford as partying youth are 24/7 here and every neighbourhood has this youth living in it.
If you call the cops, they will say there’s nothing they can do about it.

Seems like Oxford, along with virtually every other town in Britain, has gone to the dogs.