Feltham, Middlesex

Have you ever been to Feltham?
If you haven’t then don’t even think about it.
Feltham in my opinion is one of the worst chaviest places i have ever had the misfortune of visiting.
It has all the usual landmarks of a chavtown, ALDI,LIDL,Feltham sports with only every variety of Reebok classics on display with a special offer sign outside.
Feltham pond has kids bunking off school fishing around it, its a pond with no free flow water and Hounslow council will not put fish in the pond,probably catch a few diseases there though.
Their building what they call luxury apartments for stupid prices for the area which will surely be advertised to all of London, unsuspecting people will raise massive mortgages only to find they have moved to a living hell hole.
I reckon that if they all sell, at least three quarters will be up for rent in six months when the residents find out what its like to live in Feltham.
It has the worst young offenders institute on record with its radio station.
Various garage videos have been made there by the likes of So Solid Crew,i thought they lived on the roughest estate in the UK, why then do a video using Feltham,was theres not quite so appealing then.
Multi complex where the police actually wait in cars as its not worth awaiting the usual calls for assistance.
Really nice place if you decide to have something to eat, about 7.30 you see the usual blue lights and sirens rush past.
Bowling alley and arcade centre are the hangouts for all ages of *****, especially around the dancing games.
Sports bar with singing on a sunday night and about six bouncers every weekend night-only holds about 100 people.

How grim is your Postcode?