Living in Twickenham, West London
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When someone say Twickenham the mind usually conjures up images of triumphant victories at rugby or walks by the thames or a nice place to retire.

f*****g Bollocks!

I have had the misfortune of living in a really nice area of Twickenham for the past year however my life still gets invaded by the likes of the chav!

Here are 3 Reasons why twickenham is full of chavy c***s!

1. THE GEORGE – possibly the biggest chav magnet in the town, friday and saturday night will leave you with nothing more than an empty wallet and a broken nose. The chavs that are in here are of a specific variety. Thay all work in their shitty 9 to fives all week then come out on a saturday eve, ralph and tommied up brandished thier bulging wallets and trophy wives. I have spent countless nights in here in the hope that it will improve. I genarally fear getting ym head kicked in here! no fuxking joke

2. THE HOB GOBLIN – Traditionally known as being a pub for the”rockers” this place has now been over run by chavs, however a different calibur – these are your 18 – 25 year old chavs who adhear to the burburry, schott, rebock and von dutch. Thay have a budget of around £20 on a saturday night and intend to get as shitfaced as possible. The bouncers here are s**t and seem most of the time to be in collusion with the chavs.

3. THE SORTING ROOMS – now i’m sure you have seen these places before, they are owned by Wetherspoons and are allegedly marketed purely at the chav nation. “Wetherspoons with music” i like to describe them. In their defence these places are quite nice until around 7pm when the chav population descend on this once quiet town. This is the place for twickenham’s a-list chav – the guys and girls who might earn a decent wage, however, cannot be bother to drag their arses out of the depths of scumville.

Please help me here people ..who agrees?

The whole of the west of Twickenham is also an utter s******e, filled with council houses and drug dealers. Take a walk through crane park (notorious for muggings and knife crime) and you’ll probably be offered cannabis or mdma.

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