uxbridge, middlesex

macdonalds, kfc, pavillion shoppin centre, even though no money to buy anything, but there is an indoor market in there selling all the latest fake brands…royals nightclub is a favourite especially on under 18 nights…where many a 13 year old **** gets inpregnated……outside the civic centre waiting for thier mums to sign up to yet another benefit programme……..outside the tube station is a popular hang out trying to blag travel cards…to sell later on……every newsagent in town is surrounded by **** **** in the hope that you will buy them 10 bensons….also asking if u have a spare *** if there is such a thing……the funniest place of all may well be the library…they cant read or have any interest in reading but it still seems to be a popular hot spot…maybe so they can poke fun out of those who actually can read……

written by vanessa and dobba

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