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  • John

    Worked at GP Homestore in Pump Lane for a few years. Used to sell expensive furniture back in the 80’s & early 90’s. Had to close down when the scum moved in and the decent people got out while they could.
    Shame really, full of immigrants, will never be the same again. Reminds me of the sh*thole that the immigrants made Southall into back in the 80’s

  • RedbyDawn

    Uppity white collar pricks like you deserve everything you get.

    If you weren’t such a fannyhole, maybe you’d have nothing to worry about.

  • MrFlibble

    I also have to work in Hayes occasionaly (a well known coffee factory, you probably know it)
    I stayed over at a travel lodge in the town centre and made the mistake of venturing out after dark.
    After seeing 2 fights and one scrote throwing bricks at moving trafic, all within 5 minutes of leaving the hotel, i changed my mind.
    I ate in the factory canteen and stayed in for the rest of the week.
    The enormous gold painted mosque dominating the skyline realy adds to the 3rd world ambiance as well.
    WHAT A S******E