Well what can i say, they’ve taken over, the townies/chavsters now rule the once quiet little town of Uxbridge. They gather (in a similar, well exact actually, fashion to flys around a steaming pile of you know what) around several specific “wicked hang out joints” which include the ****** jewellery stores, the **** section of HMV and for some odd reason, Mc Donalds or “Maccy D’s” (God help us…).

They tend to congregate in large ****** numbers to share their deep intellectual thoughts and theories on relevant issues such as the price of the latest nike trainers (the more expensive the better apparently) and whether their ears will b left permanently stretched by the collossal weight of their worthless 9 carrot gold twisted hoop earrings with little balls attatched to them.

I wish the ***** would just return back to whichever dark and horrific place they crawled out of and spare the normal people of Uxbridge from having to endure their insect-like, annoying existence.
That is al I have to say on the subject, except perhaps, BLAARGH!!!

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