Living in Wirksworth
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A town where breeding outside of your own family unit is frowned up at the very least. This is of course masked by the faux hippy image that people seem to favour in this day and age in order to make a place with no outstanding values appear “quaint”. Naturally this has raised the price of housing to a level that is unobtainable by anybody but those who can scam their way into spiralling debt for a crumbling 900 year old building.

This chip shop whilst producing particularly tasty food doesn’t appear to have gotten the grasp of unlocking the doors after planting an A frame board stating that they are open on the pavement and changing the sign on the door from Closed to Open.

A sandwich in this place will be given to you upon you choosing whether an arm or a leg is suitable for transaction as they have yet to catch up with the metric currency that them there young people seem to favour.

Nearby you have some outstanding places of natural beauty such as Black Rock which – as is the case these days – been strewn with litter by the local chavs in their exhaust-less death traps.

All in all, this place is dire at best, unless you ask one of the locals in which case they will deny the existence of ‘other places’.

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