Tullibody, AKA dodge city located between Stirling and Alloa

Living in Tullibody, Scotland
Living in Tullibody, Scotland

Tullibody, AKA dodge city located between Stirling and Alloa

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Tullibody, AKA dodge city is located between Stirling and Alloa and is part of Clackmannanshire. The people of Tullibody are mostly bastards, drunken bastards, none of the people from Tullibody have 2 pence to rub together and the folk the kid on they have are ticked right up to the eyeballs, those people are mocked behind there backs.

There’s 5 main areas of Tullibody, starting from the top of the town theres the braes, whit a dive that is up there, jakies, alkies, tea leafs gays and strays. (and anything else you can imagine) the other main area up the top is the delph area (northwood, westview, firs road and delphwood) this area is slightly better than the braes, not as much jakies running around and the people aren’t as much of arseholes either.

The farther down tullibody you go the minkyer it gets, tron court for example, the chippy must be the worst in Scotland, nae danger of gone there for a munch again, theres 2 chemists shops (shows the amount of jake balls there is) a coop, a flower shop, mixup shop and a wine shop to.

Just by tron court and you come to the orchard and carsview (the bronx) you’d need tae be mental to stay down there. (look under braes description)

Across from there and you come to the st serfs and redlands area, these c***s are just alkies, ******* and nobodies!!

[Edit 2017]
Whoever wrote this… seriously got touched by their uncle, and not in a good way. I’m guessing… middle aged fat bloke, school drop out, still lives with there parents and works part time in the local Co-Op and most probably got a good kicking from someone in Dodge at one point.

I’m from Tbody, and in the top 5% of high earners in the UK.  So…. I guess life’ really what you make it! Don’t be so Jell buddy. HAHA  cheers

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  1. Tullibody, The Armpit of Scotland

    Tullibody, The Armpit of Scotland