South Oxhey, I am scared to go and get a take away

South Oxhey, Watford, Property guide and review
South Oxhey, Watford, Property guide and review

South Oxhey, well where to start? I am scared to walk down to get a take away, because of the amount of youngsters that sit out side it impersonating whoever they want, if anyone dares stand up to the youths they reply, “come round the corner where there are no cameras and you’ll get cut up”. The things they do are wild, you see them all go into shops in a pack and just fill their pockets, as if they were on there own.

This is just on weekdays, when it hits friday the trouble starts. They sit outside the local chicken shop in numbers up to 20, if a bunch of boys walk past wearing a different style of cloths, they follow them and demand phones, money and there cigarettes, if they say no its simple, they all surround and **** them up.

This is just what they would call ‘minor’ stuff. When they had trouble with people from another estate, there was about 40 youths standing near the local train station, the fight never happend as there was too many police not letting them stand there, riot vans,dogs,on foot officers waited for it to settle down and eventually it did.

How grim is your Postcode?

Some of the teenagers seem to feel the need to invade someones home and rob all of their possessions, i think there was 71 house robberies in one year, it makes me feel unsafe at night, i never know if they are coming through my door next.

Recently a little fight broke out in the precinct between 2 youths and 1 male from the local pub, the boys were making too much noise for the man and he tried to tell them to be quiet. What a mistake, the poor man got hit with a bottle over the head, repeatedly hit in the face and that was not enough one on the brutal youths stabbed the man in the throat with the spiky glass shards. Police were called to the scene, but the boys had long gone.

Just a bit before that on a weekday in the school holidays, a gun shot was fired two times, police rappidly responded to the shots but no one was found at the scene.

As the years go on, the place seems to be getting worse. Guns are making there way down and i fear the up and coming generation of teenagers are the ones guns will fall in there hands, hopefully i will have moved estate where it isn’t so animalistic, its almost a jungle down here my advice when you are coming to South Oxhey, beware.

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