High Wycombe- a place once famed for its furniture making and heritage, now famed for being a s**thole

Living in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

A place so dull and awful it cannot be said enough, a town once known as a scenic marketplace is now just a squalid mess, the very centre of Wycombe is the worst with up to 12 homeless people either asking for change or threatening you around it seems every corner. A familiar sight is near Frogmore where many will congregate and share the smack and booze they have mange to get hold of. Also don’t forget the gangs and stabbings, in recent times it is more common to be stabbed and subsequently robbed than to see any events taking place in the town.

Don’t forget Desborough, if you don’t know what its like just picture a piece of sh*t then light it on fire.
Castlefield a place where being from a non-asian background see’s you either verbally or physically assualted and abused.

It seems the further away from the centre of Wycombe you get the nicer it becomes, luckily I have lived slkghly out the way of Wycombe but unfortunately it is the largest and closest town with proper shopping and leisure facilities nearby where a simple shopping trip turns into a mission to get on and get out with your property and life still with you.

How grim is your Postcode?

To sum up Wycombe, it used to be alright maybe even good but from the 21st century onwards it is an awful place to be, you see nothing that inspires you other than being inspired to go through eith it and end it all, a shame as my family have often mentioned the buzzing heyday that once was and the history attached to the town. It is full of gangs, drunks, and sh*t, don’t visit theres really no point unless you enjoy violence, booze, and or many different drugs.

Well, at least its not Slough, its bad but its not as bad as that.