Bushey, Watford and the entire WD Postcode – The ‘loins’ of Chavdom

Living in Bushey, Watford
Living in Bushey, Watford

Ah yes. Matched only by the birthplace of the mafia, corleone, for such a small village having such momentous worldwide impact, Bushey is truly the loins of chavdom . From this insignificant little village, some of the biggest and baddest kevs & ***** of our and previous generations have sauntered forth into the neighbouring towns to populate them with their burberry-clad sprogs -borehamwood , south oxhey and most significantly WATFORD – mecca for all things **** as one guy rightly pointed out, owing to goldie looking chain setting one of their videos in charter place – which should have its name immediately changed to ‘**** place’ .

Some would have you believe Bushey is a ‘nice village’ – oh no it’s not , it’s a goddam s**t-hole , where the high point of a ***** week is getting dosed up on a bottle of white-lighting half-inched from spar in the high street and proceeding down the road to the local park (aka ‘the moatfield’) where said **** will sit aimlessly on the swings all night with his fellow hackett-clad mates, smoking tentatively on a skunk-joint (owing to the fact that the combination of cheap cider and grade-a cannabis is likely to affect his tiny little mind and immature nervous system to the point of physical sickness), sallying back and forth to the bushes to relieve his little bladder and wolf-whistling at the bushey ‘sharons’ in their pink pineapple tracksuits and gold hoop earrings that pat butcher would envy.

I hope the reader truly appreciates that this little corner of england is not only the birthplace , but the spiritual home of the **** – borehamwood , watford , and perhaps even more notoriously EMEL EMPSTID INNIT ? are only a brief 10 minute journey away . if people think cockney/essex accents are annoying , i can only invite you to come to bushey/watford/b’wood/emel and question the style of one of the local harpies . i do not exaggerate when i say the letter ‘h’ was omitted from the blackboard of every primary school within a 20 miles radius of the WD postcode (hence the imminent renaming of the town of ‘EMEL EMPSTID’) . Unfortunately , the takeover of one of busheys biggest estates by a large Japanese bank and sale of ex-army houses to ****-sucking ‘housing trusts’ has caused a devastating influx of even filthier ***** into the area , whose sole purpose in life is to sit on their 50cc hairdryers outside ‘the shops’ and glare menacingly at old ladies popping in for their marmalade – really f*ckin’ hard aren’t they ?? come merry nukes and fall on Bushey.

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