Kings Langley: A Hertfordshire village of very little

Living in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire

A lot of locals still cling to the idea that Kings Langley is still a village. Well if it is, it’s a damned big village. Nestled between the quaint old fashioned villages of Watford and Hemel Hempstead, Kings Langley to many people that don’t live here, is the traffic jam between the M25 and the M1. To many of the locals, Kings Langley is the damn traffic jam that stops me getting on the M1 or the M25. However, Kings Langley offers so much more.

Yokel’s Favourite Pastimes

Favourite pastimes of the locals are either looking in the windows of the many estate agents and trying to work out if their own property has made enough money to give them the imaginary title of “Middle Class” or sitting outside one of the two coffee shops, blocking the footpath, drinking a ‘Skinny White’ whilst breathing in the delightful aroma of petrol and Diesel fumes. Did I mention about the possibility of traffic jams? Be prepared to apply for a new mortgage if this is your thing though. A coffee here is about the price of a large semi detached house.

Other favourite past times are watching aircraft go around the Bovingdon Hold, or getting dizzy by looking at the blades going round on the nearby wind turbine.

How grim is your Postcode?

Newcomers Beware

Newcomers should remember though that to be a ‘New Local’ one must work in London, leaving at about 6.00am to 7.30am (adding to the traffic) not returning home until 7.00pm or 8.00pm and only venture into the centre of Kings Langley on either Saturday or Sundays. To go into the centre of Kings Langley on both days is unacceptable because one is having lunch with Fiona and Jules.

For those with families, Kings Langley is a safe haven. Older children may be left on the green by the Nap or Kings Langley Common where weed is freely available and Criminal Damage is perfectly acceptable. Kings Langley is a growing community, houses are being built on sites that would be tight for a garden shed. Housing plans have been made and passed, to build on the Green Belt, whilst brownfield sites are ignored. After all, Jules and Fiona wouldn’t want to live on what was a brown field site would they?