Rhyl: all come wide eyed at the prospect of getting a DSS bedsit on the prom

Rhyl, Wales, Property guide and review
Rhyl, Wales, Property guide and review

This is the Multi-clutural **** Center of Wales! It is frequented by Scousechavs, Mancchavs, Lancchavs & Brumchavs all wide eyed at the prospect of getting a DSS bedsit on the derelict, rat ********, drug inhabited, ****** occupied prom.

Nightly entertainment consists of playing bingo in one of the many flea pit arcades but as the majority of the **** playing have no idea about numeracy and are attracted by flashing lights, the businesses are failing. Food is swimming in greasy fat normally off the fat ***** sweat that work in the burger bars or chippys, these people are on the ladder of success – they have access to chips whenever they want so are seen as highly desirable mates. If you want a bevvy in a pub, you will be refused entry unless girls you are wearing velour pink tracksuits, 2 sizes to small, with your diamante thong pulled up near your armpits, Flipflops & grimy pink polished toes, hair in a scrunchie and Elizabeth Duke jewelry. Boys – anything Burberry will get you in anywhere but if you want to look extra special you must accessorise with knot rings at least 8 wide or a DAD ring & a cannabis leaf necklace on Mr T chains. The in place to go is Ellis’s in Water Street, don’t be detered by the knuckle head bouncers on the door, they are as thick as the rest and probably doped up with steroids & will probably give you a welcome pack as you enter!

After your night out you can take a romantic walk on the human & dog **** filled beach, it’s beyond the residents to actually use their own bogs! If you want to know whose done which pile, they leave their tag! If holidaying in this cretin filled area you are likely to stay at Pontins – **** Camp, with piss soaked bedding, floating ***** and ***** in the swimming pool or Robin Hood, which is much the same and surprisingly doesn’t have a tree in sight!

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