Landkey North Devon: best to pry it loose and let it float away, to France preferably

Living in Lanky, Devon
Living in Lanky, Devon

If you picture the South West as a full functioning body then Landkey must be a hemorrhoid: it is annoying, and best removed as soon as possible.

The landscape is quite nice as is the proximity to the sea but the people living, or rather waiting to die, in Landkey make it a truly miserable place. When you go there for peace and quiet be my guest, you’ll have plenty since there is not much chance you’ll have the stomach to deal with the doom, gloom,and general misery people living in Landkey project upon you.

The general welcome I had was several empty gazes from behind curtains. What have they done wrong in this or a previous life that made fate decide it was a good place to bundle people tired of life and highly critical of others? Who’s social lives are only based on making sure the others are as miserable or preferably more so than themselves?

How grim is your Postcode?

In trying to find out what the reason could be I did enter a pub and the reason may just be there. The smell was that of a person who manages to get most of the toilet air freshener on him or herself after they had their number two the scent of which incidentally lingers through. The landlord looked at me as if I has already punched a person in the face and the rest of the people joined him. In a pub full of ***** I would have worried but this filled me with empathy. And that is why I had an idea. Why not help them?

If we were to stick a sail in the center, then form a circle around it, stick spades in the ground and pry it loose and under favourable wind conditions they may end up in France. There would be nothing but winners: property value in the South West would raise on average, the people in the village don’t care because they are past caring anyway and France would become more friendly on average.

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