Diss, the town of chavortunity

East AngliaNorfolk

A historic market town situated on the Norfolk/Suffolk border and surrounded by rolling fields and picturesque villages, Diss does have the potential to be, or at least sound like a nice place. And as you enter the inbred Norfolk metropolis for the first time you are none the wiser of the hidden crapfest that is this town. Its when you enter the actual town centre (if you can call it that) that things start to dramatically fall downhill. The first thing you notice is its abundance of charity shops, card shops and discount stores selling fake posters and washing up bowls. And if that isn’t too much to bear already, your flooded with teenage mums, lettle c**v runts hanging around Woolworths and booze ridden 20 somethings with the mental capacity of a 12 year old with learning difficulties. And what more to top this delightful picture off that the stench of drains (generally located outside one of Diss’ many godawful, underage drinker-rife pubs) and an abudance of miserable, smelly OAP’s collecting their Giro’s and spending them on charity shops that smell like someone has just crawled into the rack of polyester 80’s shirts and died (after pissing temselves)! And whats more every shop shuts at five, so walking down the main street at 5:30 is like walking through a ghost town just hit by a nuclear war, the only things open being the dodgy ‘American Fried Chicken’ and burger outlets run by that same Turkish bloke that open till the early hours serving pissed up, underage c**v s**m kebabs and burgers. All in a county that is said to be Nelsons favourite (He must of been absolutely off his nut when he said that).

Check out the official Diss website at www.diss.co.uk

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