Cromer, supposedly known as ‘Gem of the North Norfolk coast’ – why?

Roughest areas in Cromer, Norfolk

Cromer, supposedly known as ‘Gem of the North Norfolk coast’ – why?

Oh, yet another town in amongst the peaceful wilderness of North Norfolk has been taken over by ‘*****’! These malicious-looking creatures, lurk close by to the arcades wallowing in the joyful sounds of the music they bring, to attract more and more of the  local yokels. There seems to be a pattern emerging. They do not wash!

But what do the people of Cromer actually do? Hmm… Well, there’s always the option of a piss up, punch up and ‘pimp my ride’up?

How grim is your Postcode?

No not for you? Well, if you want the honest truth, there is nothing for the town’s people to do, so sadly these lost souls have taken on the nature of ‘*****’, fake Burberry buying, riding badly done up cars, racing, then dying!

Cromer, ‘Gem of the North Norfolk coast’ – nope, not for me!

Any evidence written in the article can be found on most ‘holidays for the average ****’ websites! The people who come here to gorge themselves on chips and beer cast a fug of smoke outside the pubs of the town, their kids shivering on benches while mum & dad get pissed. Nice.