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Gayton village, one of the most picturesque places In Norfolk. Situated just outside King’s Lynn I was surprised at how well mannered people were, considering King’s Lynn was filled with chavs and chavettes mainly from Gaywood, Fairstead, North Lynn and South Lynn. But Gayton was a quiet village. The Crown was a good little country pub, and it’s actually where me and my husband stayed the night. A few locals mentioned that if we were going to avoid one place in Gayton. It would be Springvale, which was said to of consisted of a few ‘rough’ people. Me and my husband decided that we would visit the wonderful village again and book another night in The Crown. I was so looking forward to the quiet village walks.

Overall the second time around, I was disappointed. Here’s why….

After arriving at the small village me and my husband went for a small walk down backstreet. We came across a change. A road called Hall Farm Road had been built since the last time we visited. So being the country lovers we were, we decided to venture round to have a look at the newly built houses. As soon as we walked round the corner we were filled with horror. Around ten pairs of eyes were on us. A group of adults were sitting and standing in the road, all dressed in attire that I can only describe as tatty and ‘chavvy’, without a second thought I told my husband that maybe we should head back.

The looks we were receiving off of the low class people were intimidating and frankly, dangerous. As we headed back we were talking about how upsetting it must be for locals at Gayton. How could they be ok with a new place being added in their area? We soon found out by the lady in the crown that it’s a council estate, hence the reason everyone on that street looked low class. In my eyes it resembled Bagge road in North Lynn that I had the unpleasant pleasure of visting because of a friend that currently lived there. I have to say that not many people in Gayton liked The new estate or the people that made the estate. I can probably assume that the people of Hall Farm Road will not be excepted by the locals of Gayton.

One things for sure, I don’t fancy visiting what the lady that runs The Brown described as Bay Root(sic). In my opinion the new estate had ruined the picturesque village and next year me and my husband plan on visiting Great Massingham next. To my fellow village hoppers, if you find yourself in Gayton, steer clear of The estate.

Mrs and Mr Cxxxxxxx. (Name removed by admin to protect the snobs).

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  • Steve

    “low class people” honestly you sound snobbish and arrogant, people would do well to steer clear of you!

  • Mr H

    I live in his village and I’m sorry to say that it’s a pretty accurate description. I’m far from being a snob (I grew up on Springvale) and I try not to make judgments based on first impressions because I have been judged many times (are you listening admin?).

    Whilst having a walk around this cul-de-sac (it’s not an estate) to view a house for sale near it. I have to say that a lot of the people who live there absolutely fit the stereo type of council housed, out of work, bad mannered and think the world owes them a favour. All eyes do follow you as you walk around as if to say “what the f@*k are you doing here”. Kids playing in the street don’t care if a car is trying to pass and the fag smoking parents in their pyjamas on the side of the road are f’ing and blinding at high volume to each other.
    I’m not alone in my opinion as a lot of these kids go to the local school and the parents get to mingle. I hear a lot of complaints about language used and picked up by young kids as well as the behaviour of the kids from this cul-de-sac.

    This may sound snobby and pretty biased but don’t forget that I live here in this small village and have done for over 30 years. These houses are new and very well built. It make me angry to see rubbish on the street, dilapidated caravans, bits of cars filling up front gardens and Christmas decorations still up in June.

    There are young people in this village who would like to stay but are being priced out whilst people like this are given homes like these to fill some bollocks quota of social housing in the area.

  • MRS B

    Can someone tell me the date when this post was created?