Living in Clem Attlee Court, Fulham
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in London, South London

Clem attlee court, a council estate off of the rubbish laden north end road. A breeding ground for scum and villainy, full of wannabe boxers and gangsters most of whom are skinny scruffy bottom feeders who couldn’t punch their way out of a wet paper bag.

The teenagers hang around in tracksuits spouting colourful language at vulnerable passers by. This menagerie of council scum seem to gain courage in large numbers. The average person could fend off between 5 and 8 before being overwhelmed by the cowardly horde.

The main shopping area for this unholy place is the atrocious north end rd. The so called market, where every barrow sells the same rotten fruit and veg is bundled amongst the many pound shops, Charity shops, cash converters and Asian bric-a-brac outlets. Driving down north end rd is an unpleasant experience, driving over old fruit and veg while the barrows block half the road and the fag totting 50+ year old barrow boys in cheese cutters shouting sexual atrocities at passing school girls. The girls who dwell in said area, stomp the streets in their fancy coloured Nike air with their screaming brats and their staffs, whom are better groomed than the kids.

Whilst the drug-dealing stabbing fathers are doing time, the cock hungry mothers bunch together in a 2 bed council flat drinking cheap wine blasting out bad 90s Ibiza mixes spouting the word ‘tunage’ every time another track blends in from the undistinguished ear shredding last. By 3 o’clock they are pissed and ready to hit the slug public house to ponce booze, find young cock and take council drug of choice MDMA whilst the brats are dumped with the 35year old single grand ma (grandad is doing time). Sum it all up clem Attlee / Fulham is a great place if you have done time, you’re a boxer, a thief or you are of African, Gypsy and barrow boy origin.

A great place to get stabbed, buy drugs or receive fellatio from a vile mouth pig in the pub toilets. If you are a decent human being and have to drive by this area… well put your foot down and don’t look back.

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  • Youdontknow

    I’ve just seen this post. I’ve always lived in Fulham and also previously Clem Attlee Court, yet I do not know which area you passed through to describe Fulham the way you have. You must have, I think you wrote this in order for your poem to rhythm. Your writing is for another area you are very familiar with but not of the Fulham I know. You cannot write something just because you passed through the area, live, get to know then write in future.