Cardiff (or Chavdiff)

Living in Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff, or Caaaaaaardiff as it is known by residents of the less affluent of its suburbs, is a **** paradise of a weekend. Not only is it filled with its own quite substantial collection of **** ****, but it also acts as a **** magnet, sucking in hideous ***** from their south Wales valley homes […]

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Gibby park and ‘Caddy'(**** slang for Cadoxton)train station,is where most typical rude boys hang out,polluting a once nice area.I once got beaten up going to call for my mate who lives by caddoxton train station,some dumpy little **** and his ‘bra’s’came up and asked me for a ***,when I told them to **** off and […]

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You may have seen other posts about Barry, but its getting worse. Being an attendant of Barry boys school i am right in the firing line. Approximately 85% of the ‘students’ are townies. A typical **** school day involves ‘mitchin maffs coz its **** n that’ ‘goin down tha tree for a ***’ and shouting […]

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Cardiff (Pronounced: Cerrrdiffff) is definitely the **** centre of Wales

Living in Cardiff/Caerdydd

Cardiff is definitely the **** centre of wales. They live in many areas such as Ely, Fairwater, Bute Town, Grangetown, St. Mellons and Riverside. It is virtually impossible to drive around the city and NOT spot groups of ***** with their Barried up cars ‘jammin’ with their ‘bro’s’, ‘homies’ and ‘hoe’ *********. These barried up […]

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