Llangefni – bad lads and badder gals

Living in Llangefni, Wales

Llangefni is just fine if you were born there and are hard core Welsh (or not Welsh but hard as nails) and like rain, cars, drugs and heavy drinking. If you think the blokes are scary, then watch out for the women. Oh Jesus Christ how do they ever get like that? Big prop forward […]

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Fairbourne: The land that time shat on…

Living in Fairbourne, Wales

As I drove past the seaside village of Fairbourne all seemed normal, until i needed to take a sh*t and drove into the sorrowful abyss of hyper-misery that is the village itself. Inside the WC there are concrete dividers that all have glory holes that i was later informed that its simply what the locals […]

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I have read about other towns on this website but as far as I am concerned NOTHING prepares you for what you face when you pull up in the train station that looks like it belongs in the depths of hell. You start to become suspicious when you get off the train and you either […]

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Tucked away in the idyllic Isle of Anglesey in North Wales, exists a hub of **** Activity. The town of Amlwch, otherwise known as the gates of hell, is filled to the brim with chavtastic examples of Britain’s burgeoning underclass. Where to begin…. Firstly you have your fourth rate **** breed, those who wear blinding […]

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Caernarfon: buy a tent before renting a flat in this godforsaken place

Living in Caernarfon, Wales

I was amazed when I searched for this town not to find anything. Caernarfon is the lowest of the low when it comes to towns. My other posts include Bethesda and Bangor. I live in north Wales… and all these towns are in north Wales. Caernarfon beats them all. About ten minutes from Bangor there […]

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For those who may not have heard of this coastal town situated in the top left-hand corner of Wales, Holyhead really is a Santa’s grotto for those who might want to do a spot of ****-spotting…That having been said, don’t expect Holyhead *****/********* to have the average **** IQ, because they most certainly fall short […]

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I could not believe my eyes. It had only been a year since I had visited this town last, and all I could see as we drove to the camp site where we were staying, were ****’s! Burberry hats, gold hoop earings, sportswear the lot everywhere! We stroled onto the camp site, which was situated […]

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Bangor, Gwynedd

This is the chaviest of the chaviest! The only place left in Britain where people are still wearing shell-suits from the first time they were popular. The average age of first-time mothers is probably 15, I know one lad whose 22 and has 9 kids with different mothers. Check out: the ruins of the Wellfield […]

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When you first arrive in bangor- without even knowing- you immediately can sense the emmence chavness of this ”quaint” north Wales ”city” maybe its all the renault saxos on the B570 or the smell of weed and chips as you drive in through the Maesgierchen estate- known as MASS G to local boyos . It […]

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