Newbury, in the Royal County of Berkshire, yep even royalty have their own ****’s! Britain’s best kept **** secret. This once quite rural town is now a magnet for Chavdom, there are more Citroen Saxo’s with huge exhausts and blacked out windows per capita than any other town in Britain. It came in at the […]

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Yeah, well, what can I say? I moved to Reading earlier this year and it really is **** Central. I’ve been sailing the Sea of Burberry ever since. Argos and Primark seem to be the quintessential **** locations in Reading, and the Oracle (think Stevenage under a roof) is heaven to them. Even on the […]

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Slough, If the Earth needed an enema, this where they’d insert the tube

Living in Slough, Berkshire

If the Earth ever requires an enema, Slough is undoubtedly where the tube will be inserted. Slough also happens to be THE **** Capital of the UK, maybe even the world. Coincidence? For those who have had the good fortune never to visit this hole, let me paint you a picture. As you approach the […]

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Caversham…The **** centre of Reading! I am ashamed to admit that i have had the misfortune of living in thishit hole for a year and a half. And although that may not seem long, it is a year and a half i would rather forget! Being a ‘Woodleyite’ myself and being born and raised in […]

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I have lived in Reading for 11 years now and my experience of ***** has been wide and frequent. In the ‘Golden Age’ of the Spice Girls, it was ‘cool’ to dress like sporty spice and to my knowledge this was not only acceptable but fashionable. This phase passed and in my young innocence, I […]

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We live in Wokingham. We don’t like it….for one reason, *****!

Living in Wokingham

We live in Wokingham. We don’t like it….for one reason, and that reason is….PIKES (aka. *****!). Wokingham may not seem too bad for those visiting, but we’re not visitors…oh no we are residents! We both live near the woosehill estate (one of us living right in the middle of it!). Woosehill being one of the […]

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After having read some of the other entries on this site Wokingham doesn’t yet have epidemic levels of **** infiltration. However, slowly but surely this ********* filth is making its presence felt. This has been confirmed by the recently opened Argos. Below I have written a few brief stories about my **** encounters. Toilet Etiquette […]

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I’ve lived in and around Bracknell for longer than I care to mention and therefore have had to put up with the filthy **** underclass for a long time. I remember the pathetic thick skulled twats at Brakenhale (Brakenfail) all turning up on their brand new sports mopeds. Up to their eyes in HP and […]

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Bracknell is a dump… need i say more?

Living in Bracknell, Berkshire

Where do i start?  Bracknell, the home of *****, ranging from the hideous town centre to the sprawled council estates which make up this no.1 chavspot. I don’t know if many of you know bracknell, but it’s situated in the royal county of Berkshire located near the affluent areas of Wokingham and Windsor. Bracknell is […]

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