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Reading has been featured a couple of times here but there have only been passing mentions of the source of the c**v Nile in Reading: Whitley Wood (Wit-lee, or West Reading, if you are not a scumster and own a house in that area).

Reading would be a tolerable town were it not for the dirt that seeps out from Whitley like maggots from a decaying carcass. All the classics are there, shitty council housing, shitty council s**m people, incest, teen pregnancies and more sportswear than even Trisha could handle. Whitley even has it’s own famous smell which doesn’t actually come from the skit who live there. It is a combination of the sewage works (insert your own gag) and the warm milk on Weetabix smell that comes from the brewery and is known locally as the ‘Whitley Whiff’.

I have been in a few of the houses in Whitley and I never used to think I was better than other people, but I have to face the fact that after being in houses with no carpets, mountains of manky clothes as well as manky people, the tackiest knick knacks that make horse brasses look like Faberge eggs and bags of rubbish and flies lying around and on and on I could go, that I AM better than some people, as are most people when it comes to these c**v/skit/kev w*****s.

I don’t know where thay hang out in the Wood as I, like normal people, avoid the place like the plague, but if a town centre pub is favoured by them and has a name for being ‘full of Whitley’, then normal people steer well clear of it, unless they need to be entertained by the exhibits in there. The usual Macca D’s (four in the town centre)are crawling with them, as are the pound shops and TK Maxx and Primark shitholes that normal people either are too embarrased or too sober to shop in.

Affluent South East? Effluent stained streets.

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