(808 crimes in May 2022)
Lower Caversham, Reading
(779 crimes in May 2022)
Grand Union Canal, Slough
(712 crimes in May 2022)
Coley, Reading
(598 crimes in May 2022)
Manor Park, Britwell
(547 crimes in May 2022)
Salt Hill, Slough
(492 crimes in May 2022)
Caversham, Reading
(420 crimes in May 2022)
(406 crimes in May 2022)
Foudry Brook, Reading
(362 crimes in May 2022)
Harmans Water, Easthampstead
(351 crimes in May 2022)


Basically, this place is ‘the place’ as most ***** would say as they cant expand they vocabulary further then that or abusive language. Bracknell is a ******** no matter what anyone says. It has its nice parts but thats still surrounded with ***** as mummy and daddy have too much money to buy their kids […]

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Seems to me that Reading is the capital of chavdom with only Hemel seemingly worse. The area i am moving from (Tilehurst) has ***** a plenty scabbing round the off licence and round the bins. I even found the mail plundered from the postbox and scattered around. So much so i am selling up after […]

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There isn’t just one place, where the ***** hang out here – they are literally everywhere!!!! At the train station, park, shops EVERYWHERE….you can’t get away from them. My friends and I were just sitting waiting for the train and a group of mini-***** (they must have been about 10 or 11) started swearing at […]

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Newbury This weekend I went to the cultural mecca of the U.K. that is Newbury, West Berks. What a place, has a Tesco Extra (one’s that sell clothes! wow!) and a department store called Camp Hopson that puts Harvey Nichols to shame! Also, the locals are a unique bunch, youths consist of either shaggy haired […]

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Everyone has done such a damn fine job on Reading it is difficult to try and live up to their precedent but I shall do my best. My name says it all, never in my short 21 years on this earth have I been so thoroughly disgusted with a place. I have been to Brooklyn […]

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**** town Reading

I’ve lived in Reading for 16 years, lived in 3 different areas and have seen many *****. many of the ***** i no hang out anywhere where possibe ‘beef’ is, but not where people who actually are harder than them are though. u can tell when ***** arrive when ur out, the mopeds/peds speed up […]

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Reading and environs

Reading has been a breeding ground for ***** and similar ****** peasants for many years. Even in the village I lived in for 19 years on the outskirts, the sportswearing, gold chain loving, gel-slicked, ignorant and smelly species festered. So, from the west – Tilehurst: a glorious citadel of chavdom. Surrounded on all sides by […]

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