Basically, this place is ‘the place’ as most ***** would say as they cant expand they vocabulary further then that or abusive language. Bracknell is a ******** no matter what anyone says. It has its nice parts but thats still surrounded with ***** as mummy and daddy have too much money to buy their kids […]

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Seems to me that Reading is the capital of chavdom with only Hemel seemingly worse. The area i am moving from (Tilehurst) has ***** a plenty scabbing round the off licence and round the bins. I even found the mail plundered from the postbox and scattered around. So much so i am selling up after […]

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There isn’t just one place, where the ***** hang out here – they are literally everywhere!!!! At the train station, park, shops EVERYWHERE….you can’t get away from them. My friends and I were just sitting waiting for the train and a group of mini-***** (they must have been about 10 or 11) started swearing at […]

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Newbury This weekend I went to the cultural mecca of the U.K. that is Newbury, West Berks. What a place, has a Tesco Extra (one’s that sell clothes! wow!) and a department store called Camp Hopson that puts Harvey Nichols to shame! Also, the locals are a unique bunch, youths consist of either shaggy haired […]

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Everyone has done such a damn fine job on Reading it is difficult to try and live up to their precedent but I shall do my best. My name says it all, never in my short 21 years on this earth have I been so thoroughly disgusted with a place. I have been to Brooklyn […]

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