Thatcham – Home of the dump valve

BerkshireSouth East

Thatcham. A town full of inbred sh*t kickers who hang around in the Broadway (original Broadway, copied by NYC) and a skate park. They walk, ney swagger around in fake burberry caps (or duberry as its fake) and sh1t lacoste trainers. Being a mouthy little gob s***e bling wearing tw@t is mandatory and having the mistaken belief that they can take anyone who dares to enter Alldays (they are self appointed doorstaff) is a sign of C**v domination. C**v girls (pram filled with snot and Mayfair cig ash covered screaming child is a preferred accessory) will watch and get wet with admiration. We also have gimps who think they’re part of the Football Factory and West Ham’s ICF and wear sh1t like stone island and maybe even some clone island. Best of all we have football experts who thought Defoe had died when it was it was Marc Vivien Foe and didnt know there was a world cup in 1990. An abundance of burberry stone island and prada is de rigeour. We also have gimps who drive around in their mum’s Nova 1.2SR fitted with dump valves (naturally) UV lighting and standard bake bean tin size exuast. Upper class c***s can be recognised by Corsa ownership rather than older Novas, but Metros are also common. A town with about 5 fast food outlets per head of population must automatically qualify for C**v status. So not only do we qualify for being a c**v town but a town boasting more dump valves than a Max Power extras Ad page. Oh before i go we also have two people who think they are rock stars. Look out for The Finneys, lets hear wey hey Finny!!!!!!!!!!!

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