Bracknell is a dump… need i say more?

Where do i start?  Bracknell, the home of *****, ranging from the hideous town centre to the sprawled council estates which make up this no.1 chavspot. I don’t know if many of you know bracknell, but it’s situated in the royal county of Berkshire located near the affluent areas of Wokingham and Windsor. Bracknell is the exception. Ever since the first concrete slab was laid (on the Priestwood estate i guess), this town has gone from bad to worse. These estates house the London overspill and Bracknell is originally a cheap council town.

Take a walk down the grey,depressing High Street, what do you see? Well,apart from a sea of burberry caps, prams, gold **** earrings, and ***** all situated under a cloud of smoke, there is nothing. Careful not to walk into the latest 16 year old mother claiming benefit, otherwise her 14 year old boyfriend and 2 year old kid might get rowdy :0 Mac Donalds is the famous hunting ground for little ***** aged 12-17. Expect a hostile environment if you are a non-**** and you walk into there.

Bracknell is known to have one of the highest teenage pregnancies rate in the U.K. ,its a fact. The average age of being a mother here is 14.3 i guess. I expext the boys are too scared to walk into a shop and buy jonnies. Each estate was built with it’s own estate shopping parade, there are many in Bracknell. The local group of ***** claim this area and are found a few paces from the door between the times of 6-10 at night. This is their prime time to BEG the good and honest locals to buy their red square/breezers/lambrini and not forgetting lambert/sovereign/mayfair. Say no to them, and expect abuse ranging from “you caaaaaan***t” to “oi wa*ker”.

I can’t stress enough….do not venture out onto Great hollands, Bullbrook, Priestwood, Easthampstead, Wildridings and mount pleasant estates at night. You will be fighting for your life. These are notorious drug areas with high crime rates. Yes, there are some nice areas to these estates, but the bulk of these areas are downtrodden, neglected and crime is rife. Gold clown wearing ***** tend to dominate the estate parks, especially when bunking off lessons at Brackendale school. You can expect to find a range of ***** on the local bee line bus which maraudes the estates collecting all the ***** and dumping them off at the run down bus stop on the Bracknell inner ring road. On a typical Saturday shopping trip, these ***** tend to steal anything and everything from the town centre, beware bentalls. Bracknells town centre is a joke. It is made out of a giant cement mixer which spilt it’s load of nasty concrete in a strategic position. All of the centre is pedestrianised, with many underpasses and walkways linking the estates to the centre. Graffiti removal teams have to be on their toes 24/7 due to the prolific graffit problem found here. If you ever visit chavnell town centre, expect to see grey, ALOT OF IT. Tower blocks will loom over you and you will feel intimidated. Need i say more? Bracknell is a dump

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