Buggy Brigade Central, Watford Town!!

Living in or moving to Watford, Hertfordshire
Living in or moving to Watford, Hertfordshire

Watford is the equal to the meaning ****, Where young mummys walk around in groups of four or more called the buggy brigade discussing their non exsistant babys daddys and the new fashion accesories, their mixed race child, and in every group their is at least one Amy.

They all attend a mums and tots group called Girlabout exclusivly for the young/teen mums as Watford has one of the highest young mum birth rate in the UK (why else would they need Girlabout) They sit outside smoking their Benson
and Hedges which they buy using their income support money or child benefit while their kids have a lunch box and sit in their pushchairs for the whole day while their mothers wander the town centre hoping to find their next baby daddys (usually their friends ex, whom she has a kid with)
Then monday night approaches and it’s student night in the town centre where you can buy your drinks for a pound and enter the Chaviest club DESTINY all the baby mums hang out after dumping their fashion accesory on their mum and using the money that was for their babys food to buy their drinks all night standing in the back room trying to find a lift home from ANY man (they are not fussy) as long as hes of carrabien desent so you cant notice they have five diffrent babys daddys….

Wearing their gold jewllerry that hang in draps and their clothes to tight that their baby fat hangs out and the map of britain is embedded on their stomaches which they seem to think will attract someone from the opposite ***. When the night is over the have their kebabs after staggering up the high street and finally getting a lift home from a stranger with their friend in tow. As they get to their mothers house they kiss their baby goodnight with their kebab/alcohol/cigarette mixed breath and wake up in the morning to the sound of their baby crying as they eventually get up its time for girlabout to talk about the faint memorys of the night before with the fellow ********* of Watford.

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