Living in Brighouse
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Brighouse is adorned with a couple of pound shops, a Tesco and a Sainsbury’s, there was talk of building an Aldi or a Lidl in the town although that seems to have disappeared fairly sharpish.

The town is small and I do mean small, so small that you’re guaranteed that you will see either that same person twice or is it the local chav population, with their stupid uniforms of Nike and burberry trotting around with their hats pointing up in the air or the local p***y who set fire to his dads garage, that it took a few appliances from Elland and Brighouse to put out what could be regarded as, an inferno.

The local market is a hotspot for them after hours, I’m surprised that they haven’t torched it to the ground taking in consideration that the use it as a smoking place. You’ve got two rough housing estates right next to one another Smith House and Whinney Hill which is chock-a-block full of giro scrounging scroates asking for dayrider when Stagecoach in Yorkshire never even served the area (they did in Huddersfield). Most of these chavs have a thing for First, as your bound to see a hoard of them boarding in the recently rebuilt bus station to Chavifax, where they take their inbred little s***s to eat and of course pick up their next giro. Inbred? 90% of Brighouse is, they has no idea what life is like outside thank God I pissed off when I had the chance.

In neighbouring Rastrick (which has more in common with Huddersfield), the Field Lane Estate is also rammed to the rafters with chavs, who declare that they OWN Rastrick and that they own Brighouse. It was way better in the 1990’s, when you used to see chavs from the two high schools, kick the living s**t out of one another.

If you like fighting, then there is the George pub in the town, where some scruffy inbred oik with 27 chains around their neck and enough piercings to weigh them down, screaming f**k off while clutching a fag or the nine year old whose walking around at the side of their drug crazed mother with a fag hanging, out just because daddy does.

The place needs wiping off the earth.

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