Disassembling the pile of **** known as Blackburn

Living in Blackburn, Lancashire
Living in Blackburn, Lancashire

Disassembling the pile of **** known as Blackburn

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Where would one start in trying to disassemble the pile of **** known as Blackburn?

I have lived here for over 20 years, and seen the rise to power of the townie muppets which have now overrun the place.

I believe old fashioned values to be to blame for their success – my mother told me about “the olden days”, when families couldn’t afford to support themselves, and therefore tried to marry off any daughters as soon as possible to get rid of the cost of keeping them. Therefore, they were coached in snagging a man, and being a good housewife or whatever they did back then.

How grim is your Postcode?

This has developed in line with modern approaches into skinny little scrawny haired **** ******* who have no personality, no intelligence, and nothing to offer other than a few years of acting as a prostitute in order to get pregnant as often as possible and “get the CSA on the job”. The council support this activity by giving free housing and bags of support to all the young ********, who produce multiple offspring simply as a source of financial support, and let them roam free on the streets of Highercroft, Shad, and the extremely undervalued **** capital Livesey.

Due to the ****** imbecilic morons these **** whores are mating with, the offspring they produce are close to pond life, and seem to be closely related to sheep – needing to dress the same, and hang around in large groups to protect themselves, whilst professing they are “WELL ‘ARD!!”. Yeah, whatever.

These **** do nothing other than swap legends about the “hard lads” of Blackburn – a bunch of fat ******* mega ***** who lack any intelligence whatsoever, and just fight like the cavemen they are, dragging anyone who’s there into their pathetic display of stupidity. To further compound this, they all go and watch t’footy at t’Ewood Park, making sure they have a crafty drink of about 2-3 pints (White Lightening or Lynx) before hand, leaving them well beyond their lowly drinking threshold, and liable to glass some f’ker at the first opportunity.

**** baiting should be legal – the normal people could throw a load of them in a pit and bet on them beating the **** out of one another, either that or napalm the whole damn craphole and be done with it.

Basically – if you live here, I’m sorry for you – and if you haven’t ever been here, then stay away.

If anyone knows how to escape, get in touch.

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