Rishton: The Absolute low of Great Britain

First of all, Rishton is probably the worst place to live in Great Britain. If you can survive here then you are undoubtedly better than Bear Grylls.

Most 12-16 year olds smoke and get into so much trouble that no amount of abuse from their parents can change it.You can hear police cars coming from all directions and parents letting their 9 year old children go out by themselves at 8pm while every ****** thinks they’re in Tokyo Drift in their Subarus(which were probably stolen)

The outskirts of Rishton are not bad but more central Rishton that you can see half broken bottles and leftover Balti House, with no doubt that most ***** came over here to make the Ultimate **** Village as if it was a ‘Best of *****’ reunion.

You could probably rent a house for £20 and a Freddo bar(absolutely disgraceful 35p is a joke,not naming names but a certain Whitehead’s needs to calm down)

Honestly you’re better of just living in Burnley or some place like that, bad people, bad housing, bad council 2/10 from me

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