Blackburn – Dear oh dear me

Living in Blackburn, Lancashire

What can I say about the town I live in except dear oh dear me. 20 years ago at least Blackburn had a town centre and a nightlife to escape to from the grotty streets and weed smoking smackheads who have never done a days graft in their life…take note Shadsworth and Highercroft wannabe hard men. Take it from me those estates make Syria look calm, you can guarantee if you dare to walk down these downtrodden dogshit ridden estates (mind the needles) you will almost certainly spot the inhabitants walking freely in dressing gowns, fluffy slippers undoubtedly pregnant with a *** in gob going to pick up another free prescription from the overly used clap clinic. Only petrol and matches can save these horrendous places.

The council to be fair are trying to regenerate the town centre however as the old saying goes “you cant polish a ****”. This is aptly true about Blackburn. The new cathedral quarter looks very nice apart from long haired skateboarding unemployed youths who think they own it.

The pubs are ok if you can handle the stench of urine and put up with alcoholics frantically pursuing their next £1.70 pint of ****** John Smiths Bitter. Words fail me how some of the morons who frequent these pubs afford it and how they are physically alive, every so often the walking sticks appear……best usage would be to whack them round the head with it…another one off the benefits bill [although this is just my warped right-wing sociopathic fantasy, I would not really **** a disabled person just to lower the ‘benefits bill’].

How grim is your Postcode?

Save your cash and avoid this hovel