Bedworth, oh deary me…

Living in Bedworth, Warwickshire
Living in Bedworth, Warwickshire

How can I begin to describe Bedworth? , Oh deary me…

Well for a start I live not too far away from the much coverted ‘Jock Estate’ so I tend to have constant first hand experiences of the local population of dimwitted natives. For example, the other day I was outside washing my car when a gaggle of them walked past and promptly shouted ‘Yeah WASH that car!’ ..I mean what on earth is that supposed to mean?! They also ride their ridiculously small clown motorbikes around and think they look ‘phat’. And if they’re not on them they’re riding mopeds around like all the power of a aren’t you hard?

Then you realise almost everybody in bedworth is related to eachother. It is some scary incestuous place of doom….Then you go to the town centre……

How grim is your Postcode?

First thing you’s dead. Second thing you notice is the abundance of banks, discounted basics, card and charity shops. Virtually everywhere you see there are **** moms with their little ‘Courtney’ or ‘Alfie’ and gangs of the morons. Everyday there is a stabbing or a shooting if you’re lucky.


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